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Remix AI is the social network for your imagination. Remix is a social mobile app on iOS and Android that is the place to discover and create the best of AI video and image content. Share your Midjourneys, Runways, and see what others are creating. Create with our own collaborative AI engine. Participate in fun hashtag challenges, themes, and explorations. The app is designed from the ground up leveraging ML and AI for the best experience.

We are building a new type of social product in a moment when generative AI is exploding. Shifts in technology (internet, mobile, ML) have created new types of media, consumption, and platforms (Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok). There is no place for generative AI image and video, and the most popular AI platforms (MJ, Stability, Runway, etc.) do not have social mobile experiences for users to share what they are creating with each other. Discord is a poor substitute and Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok are not designed for this type of content.

As in prior technology shifts, we believe AI will create new media experiences, and it needs a new platform to share and discover them. We intend to aggregate the largest collection of AI content across all engines, across the internet. Our users will be able to create and make history together at the birth of a new type of media. The Remix community benefits from the rapid and radical innovation curves as people show off and check out new engines and techniques as they emerge

Questions or want to learn more? Shoot us a message at [email protected].

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