How do I use Remix?

Step-by-step guide on using Remix

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Remix is the social network for your imagination. Some have called it Tiktok for AI, or MTV for AI, but we think it is a new thing.

Remix is the place to discover and create the best of AI video and image content. Share your Midjourney's, Runways, and see what others are creating.

Participate in fun "Remix" hashtag challenges, themes, and explorations. Join in the mix by trying our own fast, fun (and free) collaborative AI engine to transform your ideas into amazing images in seconds.

After a quick and easy account set up, you'll be brought to the Remix feed where you'll see all types of AI artwork that's being shared across our community. You can up vote what you like or even downvote what you don't like.

The Feed

Our feed is built on machine learning to cater to exactly what you want. There's a 'Following Feed' that shows you shared artwork from people or friends you follow.

We have a 'For You Feed' that has machine learning at it's base that'll show you posts based on your upvoting and interests.

The 'All Feed' will show you everything regardless.


When you tap the '+' button on the feed, you can create AI artwork using the From Prompt feature. Simply add in a basic prompt and our AI tool will render you some really cool results. Or, you can use our From Image feature where you can upload a photo and create AI artwork from it. Additionally, you can also post AI artwork you created from Midjourney, your photos, or files from your phone.

We also have some powerful filters that you can use. For instance, our MixerAL, MixerRL, MixerAN, and AlbedoBase XL engines help render unique results. Just tap the filters button on the top right of the prompt page. Try generating an image using each to see the results. MixerXL typically generates higher quality images based on the subject. You can also change the ratio if you'd like. Select back and then generate!


Alongside some awesome features, Remixing might beat them all. Learn more from this article, Remixing in Remix.


All of the artwork you share or create in Remix will be saved to your profile. Anything you bookmark will also save to your profile for future. You have the ability to change your profile and even make a cool showcase of your work. Just tap the banner behind your profile picture.

Questions or want to learn more? Shoot us a message at [email protected].

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