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Posting to the Remix feed
Posting to the Remix feed

Learn how to navigate around the remix feed

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On the feed page in Remix, you have the ability to create AI artwork by using our From Prompt or From Image feature. Simply tap the '+' button and choose your creation method. We also let you upload AI artwork you created from other tools like Runway or Midjourney. Lastly, you can use our community created AI filters to create AI artwork.

You can also post multiple posts in Remix.

  • Simply create a post

  • Roll then re-roll multiple drafts

  • Select the multiple select

  • You can re-roll up to 10 times and can always delete

Lastly, you can share your post publicly, to your friends or privately.

Commenting, upvoting, downvoting are some other really fun features in the feed. Select your profile icon brings you to your individual profile page where you can see your posts, bookmarks, profile collection, and more.

Questions or want to learn more? Shoot us a message to [email protected].

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