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Image-to-Image in Remix

Image-to-Image in Remix

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Transform any image into AI creations effortlessly. Upload your image and let Remix handle the rest.

  1. Upload an image: Upload an image which can be a portrait, animal, landscape, or any other subject you desire to transform into AI art.

  2. Enter prompt: You can enter prompts or negative prompts to describe the details that you do not want to include in your image. Or, what you would like changed with the image.

  3. Generate your image: Click on the "Generate" button to initiate the AI creation process. You can re-roll as many times as you’d like.

  4. Post your image: After generating your post, simply add a caption and post!

Additionally, you have the option to adjust your weight parameters, ranging from the lowest setting to the highest. The choice of setting your weight to Highest instructs the Remix engine to generate an output that closely resembles the original image, while opting for a setting of 1 will result in a more distinct output.

Some examples you could use are:

1: Upload a photo of the band Queen and add the prompt “mr bean as the band queen”

2: Upload a photo of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings and add the prompt “In the style of Van Gogh”

3: Upload a photo of the Mona Lisa and add the prompt “Add a large smile”

4: Upload a photo of Darth Vader and add the prompt ‘dress in a tux’

Questions? Shoot us a note to [email protected].

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