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Discover Enhanced img2img on Remix: Precision and Fidelity Like Never Before
Discover Enhanced img2img on Remix: Precision and Fidelity Like Never Before


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We're excited to announce significant improvements to our img2img feature on Remix, taking your image transformation experience to new levels of precision and fidelity.

Enhanced Essence Preservation and Composition

Our latest update focuses on refining img2img to stay true to the essence of your original images while infusing them with new creativity. We understand the importance of maintaining the core composition and elements that give your images their unique character. This enhancement ensures that the transformed images closely mirror the original in terms of layout, structure, and key features, providing a seamless blend of originality and innovation. This applies to remixes as well, ensuring a consistent and coherent transformation of ideas.

Tailored Transformations, Consistent Quality

Whether you're fine-tuning a masterpiece or reimagining a casual snapshot, the improved img2img on Remix offers you greater control over the end result. This means more consistent quality across transformations, allowing you to experiment with confidence. The upgraded algorithm is designed to understand and adapt to the intricacies of your images, ensuring that every transformation is a reflection of your creative intent.

Fine-Tune Your Creations

Dive deeper into customization with the new 'Preserve composition' setting in Remix. Located in the Create settings, this option includes an ‘Edge sensitivity’ slider, allowing you to adjust how closely your final result mirrors the starting image. Slide towards High for a detailed resemblance in layout and structure, capturing finer elements of your original image. Opting for a Low setting emphasizes major outlines, paving the way for broader, more varied interpretations based on your prompts. This toggle offers you the flexibility to either closely follow the original composition or embark on a journey of creative reinterpretation. Perfect for both precise adjustments and expansive creativity, the 'Preserve composition' option empowers you to tailor your creations to your unique vision.

Experience the Upgrade

These improvements to img2img are part of our ongoing commitment to enhance your creative experience on Remix. This enhanced feature is now available to all users. To experience the improved img2img feature, simply tap the '+' icon from the main navigation and select 'From image.' Or remix any post and toggle on “Use original post as starting image”). Dive in and see how your creativity takes on new dimensions with Remix.

Questions? Shoot us a note to [email protected].

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