Understanding Prompts in Remix

Prompting in Remix

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Here are the 9 pillars to understanding prompting in Remix.

1. Subject This is the main focus of an image, whether it's a photograph, painting, etc. You can also add an action that your subject is doing. The Aspect ratio changes the shape of the image. Base Prompt: 70 year old man reading a newspaper --ar 16:6

2. Environment The surrounding conditions or setting in which an event or activity occurs. Added Prompt: "in a library"

3. Composition The arrangement of visual elements in an image or scene. It's usually a camera angle or view. Added Prompt: "wide shot"

4. Art Style This refers to the unique characteristics and techniques used in the creation of the images. Added Prompt: "rococo style"

5. Artist Style While the art style refers to broader movements or techniques, the artist's style is the distinctive and unique manner in which an individual artist represents subjects and concepts. Added Prompt: "by Luis Royo"

6. Color involves the choice and application of hues in an artwork. It can evoke emotions, draw attention to certain areas, or symbolize ideas. Added Prompt: "moody colors"

7. Features This refers to the desired specifications that increase the quality of the image. Examples: High resolution, UHD, detailed Added Prompt: "detailed illustration"

8. Parameters Parameters can be seen as the set guidelines or boundaries within which something operates or is developed. For instance, in Midjourney, examples would be --s 150, --ar 16:9, --style raw, & --Niji (just to name a few) Added prompt: "--s 1000"

Don't forget, you can also craft pieces using your Midjourney app and then easily upload the enhanced versions in Remix.

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