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How do I create AI videos on Remix?
How do I create AI videos on Remix?

Creating videos in Remix

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Seeing some really cool AI videos being posted to the Remix feed?

Pretty cool, right? These are crafted outside of Remix and then imported it back into Remix. You can explore AI image and text-to-video tools like Runway to make such videos.

Remix simplifies the process of importing these types of AI art and sharing them within our community. While we love users creating within Remix, we're equally supportive of creating art elsewhere and importing it back.

We do have a feature that acts like a video creation tool called Loops. It'll animate your image for ~3seconds. After you type in your prompt and see your roll/result, tap the Loop button (can be found right next to re-roll). After it generates, your image will move and be animated.

Questions? Shoot us a note at [email protected].

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